° franco de porte prepaidEnvió la mercancía franco de porte.He sent the merchandise prepaid. Formal reliableEs un hombre muy formal.He’s a really dependable man. ▲ serious, sedate, settledDesde que se casó se ha vuelto muy formal.He’s turn into very settled since his marriage. ▲ reputationEse hombre tiene mala fama.That man has a foul reputation. ° tener fama de to have the reputation ofTiene fama de sabio.He has the reputation of being very sensible.

The cheifest lechery of old males is to go well to the stool and the wall. Who useth to select his tooth together with his knife point, might come in a quick time to choose them with the haft. Where ther’s no Law ther’s no transgression, un∣lesse thy Conscience tell thee so. An honorable Retreat is the toughest thing within the feat of Arms. VVhen you travell neither shew your mind or your money.

Because I did lose my means for a while when my mom died. The word huellas actually means “footprints,” and I can say that with Mom’s footprints gone, mine were not as regular. So I wrote seventy two poems about her, and eventually I was capable of proceed strolling on the path.

Prometer to promiseLe he prometido ir a visitarla.I’ve promised to go to her. —La fiesta promete estar muy alegre.It promises to be a really homosexual celebration. ▲ to be promisingEste niño promete mucho.He’s a really promising youngster. Prensar to press, compressPrensaron las uvas en la bodega.They pressed the grapes within the vineyard.

° bailar como una peonza to dance nicely, be mild on one’s ft. Pájaro, pájara birdMás vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando.▲ chook in the hand’s worth two in the bush. Ofrecer [-zc-] to offerMe ofrecen un nuevo empleo.They’re offering me a new job.

° a medio hacer half-doneEste trabajo está a medio hacer.This work’s halfdone. ° hacer algo a medias to do something poorly, do a half-baked jobNo haga Ud. Las cosas a medias.Don’t do a half-baked job. ° ir a medias to go fifty-fifty, to go halves.

The meanest in the house hath small share of the Hen. Whatever is robust, in the long run is destroyed, Sampsons eyes at length put out. Hard to blow the fireplace properly, with thy mouth full of meal. Keep an https://writemyessaytoday.us/blog/discursive-essay/ enormous coyle, or nothing can speaketh loudest, doth least.

These seven easy suggestions might help you get the most out of your space. Sylvester Stallone’s latest movie SAMARITAN sees him as a garbage man that a teenage neighbor believes to be a superhero in hiding. However, the biggest change is Usnavi being played by Ramos as a substitute of Miranda.

This iframe accommodates the logic required to deal with Ajax powered Gravity Forms. The time period bachata first appeared within the Dominican Republic and Cuba to refer to a sort of celebration, not to a specific type of music . Here’s a brief UNESCO documentary in regards to the origins of merengue . The long-awaited movieversion ofIn the Heights—based on the hit Broadway musical—is in theaters and streaming. Everyone’s speaking about it, and you’ve obtained questions.

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